Château du Besset

The XVth century château is set at the top of a vast hill at the heart of the Vivarais. Pablo and Florence Estrader, the owners, Dante and Fleur, their big dogs and also the horses, are all here to welcome you to the château. Never ending space, pure nature, horses, dogs.. it’s a nice place to be. Surrounded by villages with magnificent vintages, Saint-Péray and Cornas, the place is in tune. The Ardèche is at its chicest at Besset. The old silkworm nursery has been turned into just a few supremely comfortable and modern designed suites by Florence. There is nothing there to cloud the view or your mind. No tv, no shouts, no pastries, nothing ostentatious, ideal for blasé citizens, hungry for simplicity and serenity. Table d’hôte, swimming pool and unlimited walks. Tel.: 04 75 58 26 51.