Pressac Castle

A historically significant château that produces unique wines. Unique because of the passion that Jean-François Quenin, lord of the castle and wine maker, has put into his estate so that from the vine to the glass, his wine is such a nobleman, a good companion, a very honest Saint-Émilion. 36 hectares surround the château undivided and are ploughed with cart horses. In addition to the traditional grape varieties, Jean-François also grows some carmenère, an old grape variety from the Bordeaux region with thicker skin that adds peppered and spicy notes as well as the black colour of the Pressac, tannic and powerful. The fortified castle, perched on a knoll with sloping vineyards, remodelled in the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, presents a mixture of medieval Renaissance architecture with elements in the style of Viollet le Duc. The vintage château de Pressac is as powerful as a knight travelling back from the Crusades. The second wine, Château Tour de Pressac, is as sultry and fresh as a Prince. Analogies that suit the place well as the château de Pressac was right at the heart of the Hundred Year War Peace Treaty. It is in the chapel that the last Condorcat of the battle of Castillon was signed in 1453. Visits by appointment.