Malagar castel

The writer François Mauriac’s former residence is much more than an estate surrounded by vineyards. It is a place of memory, which lives on and breeds life into his written words and spirit. In the XVIth century, the château was the fiefdom of Saint-Macaire’s nobility. Thanks to a donation, it was returned to the ownership of the Celestine monks of Verdelais. In 1843, it was bought by Jean Mauriac, great grandfather to the writer François Mauriac. Under his direction, the estate, with château and vineyards, grew its agricultural and winemaking activities.

A family house that François Mauriac inherited in 1927. A writer’s home, it inspired his novels a lot. Today, the Château de Malagar belongs to the Regional Council of Aquitaine. They created the “François Mauriac Centre” and organise high level cultural festivals, of which the “Malagar Harvests”. Guided tours of the house and museum, gardens open to the public.
The “Colline inspirée” still owns vineyards and a vintage.