Amador City

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A charming gold rush town located along Highway 49. One of the smallest cities in the US, with a population of just over 200 residents. It’s unique enough to be listed on National Geographic’s Geotourism website. Mining-era buildings are mostly in their original state, housing antiques shops, boutiques, art galleries and museums. There’s a bakery, old-fashioned soda fountain and several restaurants.

Little City Studio Gallery. A working textile studio and gallery, featuring weaving, knitting, fabric collage, quilts, art, jewellery and gifts from local artists and craftspeople. 14180 Highway 49.

Andrea’s Bakery and Cheese Shop. Handmade breads and pastries baked fresh daily. 14141 Old Highway 49.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant. Excellent wine list featuring local foothill wines. Historic Inn, with high ceilings and original wall paintings, creating a unique atmosphere. 14202 Old Highway 49. Tel.:+1 209 267 9172

Whitney Museum. Exhibits on the history and culture of the Mother Lode region, with a particular emphasis on the contributions and experiences of women. The building dates back to 1860. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-4. Main Street.