Bouvet-Ladubay Cellars

Les Caves Bouvet-Ladubay. Created in 1851 by Etienne Bouvet, the establishment has since become the leader in export of Saumur Brut wine. The origin of the cellars dug out of freestone goes back to the time of Saint Florent and Foulque Nera in 1025. Eight kilometres of galleries running under the Abbey of Saint Hilaire show fragments of monuments carved out of the stone thousands of years ago.

35 sculptures by the artist Philipe Cormand have been added to this engulfed cathedral without forgetting the precious bottles of which the Ogimus 2007 vintage, a sophisticated blend of chenin and chardonnay. Another very IT vintage, is the Taille Princesse, a blend carried out by the actor Gérard Depardieu and the president of Bouvet, Patrice Monmouseau, giving a fine wine, with fine bubbles, liberating the fruit of the vine.