Du Rivau Castle

Château du Rivau. A space full of magic, poetry, madly creative, an imaginary museum outdoors. The garden’s layout is inspired by legends and fairy tales. Modern art mingles with expansive vegetation. 14 classified “remarkable gardens” with a collection of over 450 different varieties of perfumed roses and essences, the colours of which flourish at the rhythm of the seasons. The journey is signposted with pieces of art: Lilian Bourgeat’s oversized boots, Basserode’s giant legs run in between the trees. After the Rain, Nicole Tran Ba Vang’s Saké glass sits among the vegetation and collects water from the sky… The Château is no exception. Owned by Eric and Patricia Laigneau, it once hosted Joan of Arc and her fellow comrades in arms. Rabelais cited Riveau in Gargantua. The Cardinal of Richelieu, whose sister was married to the master of the house, spared the château from being dismantled. Collections of antiques, period furniture and hunting trophies share the space with works by contemporary artists of world fame. www.chateaudurivau.com