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In France, vines, wine and history are one

Twelve regions and as many wonderful trips through countrysides, vineyards and taste for the wine, gastronomy and culture. Soils that share the privilege of owning the most beautiful vineyards, the most prestigious Appellations and legendary Grand Crus such as Château Margaux, Pommard, Meursault, Côte Rotie, Châteauneuf du Pape ...

From vine to glass

Since the Gallo-Roman period, wine has been a source of civilization in France, and of pride and commerce as well. A source of inspiration for poets and writers, from Rabelais to Guillaume Apollinaire. As far back as the Middle Ages, the vine was cultivated in vineyards by the monks of the abbeys of Cluny, Citeaux, Fontevrault and of Clairvaux Saint-Denis in Paris. The vineyards were taken under the wing and encouraged by the Holy Bishops,Saint Rémi, Saint Martin, Saint Denis and most particularly Saint Vincent (the main saint of winemakers), a Church’s case that kept on prospering. The kings of France, from the Capetian to the Bourbons through Henri IV, Francois the 1st, the Dukes of Burgundy and Anjou, favored their trade businesses and gave the wine its former glory. The upper bourgeoisie, merchants, wine estate’s owners, winemakers and cellar masters took over and made their fame emphasizing quality and exporting worldwide. Vineyards of high lineage are part of the French cultural landscape, and we would love them to be included in UNESCO World Heritage.

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